Champion of Diversity and Inclusion Award


Background and Description

The President's Champion of Diversity and Inclusion Award was established to honor achievements that advance the mission of, and promote a climate of diversity and inclusion at EVMS through:

  • Outstanding efforts in recruitment of a diverse talent - student, resident, faculty and staff (including African Americans, Hispanics, native Americans, women, veterans, LGBT, socio-economically disadvantaged groups, and people with disabilities).
  • Exemplary efforts in fostering a climate of inclusion at EVMS for diverse individuals, cultivating diverse teams and actively implementing initiatives to mitigate bias in the working, learning and patient care environment.
  • Exemplary scholarship to advance diversity and community engagement, address health disparities and access to care.
  • Exemplary contributions to the success of campus-based outreach efforts
  • Outstanding efforts in expanding learning opportunities for the EVMS and Hampton Roads Community focused on cultural competency, health equity and social justice.
  • Exemplary service as role model, mentor and sponsor in providing opportunities for growth and leadership of diverse individuals (women, under-represented groups, veterans).

This award will be presented at the EVMS Service and Recognition Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, October 29, 2019.

Nomination and Deadline

In a brief essay, please cite outstanding efforts and accomplishments by the individual or group whom you are nominating. The submission should also contain a minimum of two (but no more than four) one-page letters from colleagues, peers, or others in support of the nomination.

Nominations are being accepted through Friday, September 13, 2019. Nominations will NOT be accepted after this date. Nominations should be sent directly to Angela Riddick at RiddicAM@EVMS.EDU.

Nominations can be submitted by individual employees (including supervisors, direct reports and peers of the nominees). View writing tips and an example of a well-written nomination


  • Nominee can be an individual (current faculty or staff) or a group (units, departments or other functional teams within the school).
  • All EVMS full-time staff employees and full-time (salaried, non-salaried, and VA Hospital) faculty employees in good standing with at least one year of service to the institution are eligible to receive recognition with this award. The nominee may not have had any formal disciplinary action within 12 months prior to the nomination date and must meet or exceed an overall performance rating of "At Expectation" on his or her most recent employee evaluation.
  • Exemplary service as role model, mentor and sponsor in providing opportunities for growth and leadership of diverse individuals (women, under-represented groups, veterans).


  • Demonstration of emerging or sustained commitment to the values of diversity, and inclusion by documented efforts that are above and beyond the routine expectations of the job or project.
  • Evidence of exceptional efforts to promote a work and learning environment that is free from bias and discrimination.
  • Substantiation of the contribution that the individual, team or unit has made towards advancing diversity and inclusion.


Individual faculty or staff award recipients will receive a $500 stipend and an award of recognition. Departmental or unit award recipients will be honored with an award and a $500 monetary award to go towards the enhancement of diversity and inclusion programs of the department or unit.

Award Selection Committee

The 2019 EVMS President's Champion of Diversity and Inclusion Award Selection Committee consists of representatives from the following offices: Faculty Affairs and Professional Development, Admissions, Student Affairs, Diversity and Inclusion, and Human Resources.

The Award Selection Committee will evaluate the nominations of eligible nominees and select the 2019 recipient and, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to determine that an award not be bestowed in a given year. This might occur if there are no nominations submitted, or if it is determined that the nominations submitted do not meet the award's criteria or eligibility requirements.