Fine Family Academy of Educators Members
Educational Scholarship in Medicine

Source: Researchers@EVMS

Carrie A. Elzie, PhD
Associate Professor of Pathology and Anatomy

Elzie, C. A., & Shaia, J. (2020). Virtually walking in a patient’s shoes—the path to empathy?. Medical Science Educator, 30(4), 1737-1739.

Shaia, J., & Elzie, C. (2019). A novel three-dimensional drawing activity to learn the dural venous sinuses. HAPS Educator, 23(3), 499-501.

Bruce M. Lo, MD, MBA, FACEP
Assistant Program Director of EM Residency Program

Guth, T. A., Luber, S. D., Marcolini, E., & Lo, B. M. (2020). Physician reentry–A timely topic for emergency medicine. Journal of the American College of Emergency Physicians Open, 1(6), 1614-1622.

Elza Mylona, PhD, MBA
Professor of Internal Medicine
Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and Institutional Effectiveness

Skarupski, K. A., Welch, C., Dandar, V., Mylona, E., Chatterjee, A., & Singh, M. (2020). Late-career expectations: A survey of full-time faculty members who are 55 or older at 14 US medical schools. Academic Medicine, 95(2), 226-233.

Skarupski, K. A., Dandar, V., Mylona, E., Chatterjee, A., Welch, C., & Singh, M. (2020). Late-career faculty: A survey of faculty affairs and faculty development leaders of US medical schools. Academic Medicine, 95(2), 234-240.

Christner, J. G., Beck Dallaghan, G., Briscoe, G., Graziano, S., Mylona, E., Wood, S., & Power, D. V. (2019). To pay or not to pay community preceptors? That Is a question…. Teaching and Learning in Medicine, 31(3), 279-287.

John E. Snellings, MD
Assistant Professor of Family and Community Medicine

Alavi, M., Ho, T., Stisher, C., Richardson, E., Kelly, C., McCrory, K., Snellings, J., Zurek, K., & Boltz, M. (2019). Factors that influence student choice in family medicine a national focus group. Family Medicine, 51(2), 143-148. 10.22454/FamMed.2019.927833 

Judith C. Taylor-Fishwick, MSc
Director of Professional Development
Director, Fine Family Academy of Educators
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
EVMS Faculty Affairs and Professional Development

Brush, J. E., Lee, M., Sherbino, J., Taylor-Fishwick, J. C., & Norman, G. (2019). Effect of teaching Bayesian methods using learning by concept vs learning by example on medical students’ ability to estimate probability of a diagnosis: A randomized clinical trial. JAMA Network Open, 2(12), e1918023-e1918023. 10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2019.18023