Select a membership category

Membership categories will be rolled out in three phases:

  • Phase One (available now): Member, Master Educator
  • Phase Two: Affiliate
  • Phase Three: Distinguished Educator

Select education domains

All membership applicants are expected to demonstrate evidence of Quantity, Quality and Engagement (QEngage). One domain is required for a member; two domains are required for a master educator. Your choice of domain will not influence the evaluation of your application. Please choose what you feel best represents your most significant work (this need not be interpreted as percent time and effort).

Available education domains include:

  • Teaching
  • Curriculum Development and Assessment of Learning
  • Advising and Mentoring
  • Educational Leadership and Administration/Service
  • Educational Evaluation, Research and Scholarship

Meet with direct supervisor

Discuss and confirm your primary supervisor’s support for your engagement in the academy, including dedicated time. The following suggestions can facilitate positive outcomes:

  • Provide a solid rationale why academy membership is important for your professional and career development and how it can also benefit the education mission of your department/program and school.
  • Ensure your primary supervisor’s support, including dedicated time to effectively engage in the academy as an educator community of practice.

Review and update CV

Reviewing and updating your CV first will make completing the academy application easier and more efficient. Please use the current EVMS required format template available from Faculty Affairs and Professional Development.

Complete the membership application

Your membership application should communicate your experience and personal goals and has incorporated relevant components of the EVMS Performance Appraisal and appointments and promotion dossier template to facilitate ease of completion.

Application Resources:

Application Instructions & Explanations  - use this when completing the application

Complete the application

You can save your application and come back to complete it. You must keep the link provided to return to your partially completed application.

Know the roles and responsibilities of membership

The success and vitality of the academy rests with the engagement of its members. By submitting a membership application, educators agree to fulfill the following expectations and responsibilities:

  • Actively engage in teaching and education at EVMS
  • Actively engage in academy membership activities (e.g., professional development sessions, annual anchor events)
  • Contribute to the leadership, governance, effectiveness and vitality of the academy through leadership and service (e.g., participate in member/business meetings, provide feedback, serve on a standing work team, facilitate workshops in areas of expertise)
  • Continuously build upon and improve one’s effectiveness and achievements as an EVMS educator and scholar, appropriate to one’s membership category
  • Serve as a role model, leader and mentor in supporting educators’ excellence, collaboration and scholarly engagement
  • Actively contribute to strengthening the EVMS education mission through participation, advocacy and leadership

Submit application

Once you have completed and submitted the application, your supervisor will receive an email notification about your application. Your supervisor must agree to support your participation in the academy should you be selected for membership. They must reply to the email to confirm their approval.