LuAnn Wilkerson, EdD

LuAnn Wilkerson, EdD, is the Associate Dean for Assessment and Faculty Development and Professor of Medical Education in the Department of Medical Education at Dell Medical School. In 2011 she was awarded the Robert J Glaser AOA Distinguished Teacher Award from the AAMC.  In 2010 two papers were selected for Academic Medicine's AM Classics Collection: Strategies for Improving Teaching Practice: A Comprehensive Approach to Faculty Development and Effects of Tutors with Subject Expertise on the PBL Process. Dr. Wilkerson has been a co-investigator on multiple research and educational grants including from Josiah Macy Jr Foundation, HRSA, NIH and AAMC. She has published 85 peer reviewed research papers and 20 book chapters

Breaking the Mold: Transformation as a Call for Scholarly Action

During this "byte' transformatory ideas taking place in the education of health professionals is discussed alongside challenges as teachers in the midst of these changes and the scholarship of teaching.  The mnemonic ICAP is outlined as relates to teaching practice (Interactive, Constructive, Active and Passive).  Feedback is described as an educational alliance between the teacher and learner.

At the end of this professional development "byte" you will understand how to apply the scholarship of teaching to current educational transformations.

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Transformation as a Call for Scholarly Action (CME Link)  

Transformation as a Call for Scholarly Action



Release date: August 01, 2018

Expiration date: July 31, 2021

Dr. Wilkerson has disclosed she has no relevant financial relationships