Refresher in Oral Presentation Skills

Linda Cobb, MA

Linda Cobb, MA, is a communications consultant with 37 years experience teaching and advising on the how to of public speaking. Over the 37 years she has taught courses in public speaking, journalism, visual language, theatre, and advanced composition.  She is currently the copy editor of the EVMS magazine and a teacher at The Muse Writers Center in Norfolk.  Linda serves as a Board member of Hampton Roads Writers and Seven Cities Writers Project.  She has written and published five short true stories.

Refresher in Oral Presentation Skills

This refresher covers key elements of public speaking including the three main purposes.  Topics of discussion include motivated sequence, different methods of presentation, and what to consider when doing a speech.  The four elements of vocal variety are described as well as vocal delivery and physical delivery.  Finally tips in using audio visual aids, for speech preparation and how to handle stage fright are discussed.

At the end of the professional development "byte" you will be able to apply effective vocal skills to oral presentations.

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Refresher in Oral Presentation Skills  (CME Credit)

Refresher in Oral Presentation Skills


  1. Oral Presentation Content
  2. Oral Presentation Physical Delivery
  3. Oral Presentation Vocal Delivery
  4. Oral Presentation Stage Fright

Release date:  August 1, 2018

Expiration date: July 31, 2021

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