Publishing Your Educational Innovation

Sonia Crandall, PhD, MS

‌Sonia Crandall, PhD, MS is a tenured Professor in the Department of Physician Assistant Studies at Wake Forest School of Medicine and Director of Medical Education.  She is the Director of Scholarship and Research within the Department of Physician Assistant Studies.  In 2014 she was awarded the James Edwin Byrum Jr., MD Distinguished Faculty Mentor Award. She is nationally and internationally recognized as an educational scholar with a long history of contributions to the medical education literature.  Dr. Crandall is the inaugural Associate Editor of the Interprofessional Educational Collaborative Collection of the MedEdPORTAL. Her educational research background includes curriculum development, attitudes assessment and program evaluation. She is co-editor-in-chief for Medical Education Online and a member of the editorial boards of Medical Science Educator, and Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions.  She was a member of the task force that prepared the handbook for reviewers of research manuscripts published in Academic Medicine in 2001.

Publishing Your Educational Innovation

During this professional development 'bite" the what, how, why and impact of educational scholarship will be discussed. Key elements for consideration when developing your scholarship and preparing it for publication will be described.  In addition, consideration of common mistakes that lead to rejection of a publication will be outlined.

At the end of the professional development byte you will:

  • Discern the key elements that should be included in an educational innovation 'publication'
  • Avoid common mistakes that lead to rejection of an educational scholarship submission

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Publishing Your Educational Innovation (CME Credit)

Publishing Your Educational Innovation (Non CME Credit)


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Release date: June 1 2017

Expiration date: May 31, 2020

Dr. Crandall has disclosed she has no relevant financial relationships