Hazardous Materials

If a hazardous material spill or release happens, use approved materials and methods to safely contain any remaining material and isolate the hazardous area if this can be done without injury to yourself or others.

Do not attempt to clean up a spill or release unless you are fully trained and have the proper equipment. Once you are in a safe area, call 446-5911.

Try to have the following information about the spill or leak:

  • Name of material
  • Quantity of material released
  • Time of the incident
  • Location of the incident
  • If anyone was injured by, or exposed to the material
  • If a fire or explosion was involved
  • Your name, number and current location

When the fire and safety officials arrive, follow their instructions:

  • Evacuate the area and remain in designated spaces until the situation is determined to be safe.
  • Provide Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) to responders.

If the hazardous material spill or release happens outside:

  • Evacuate the area if it is necessary
  • Always stay upwind of the material spill or release