Continuity of Operations Plan

The purpose of the Continuity of Operations Plan is to provide the framework for Eastern Virginia Medical School to restore Mission Essential Functions (MEFs) in the event of an emergency that affects operations. Continuity of Operations is an effort within individual organizations to ensure they can continue to perform their mission essential functions during a wide range of events, from short-term interruptions to broad-scale emergencies, including localized acts of nature, accidents, and technological or human-caused disasters.  Fundamentally, continuity is the capability of maintaining business operations under all eventualities. This plan establishes the Eastern Virginia Medical School Continuity Program procedures for addressing three types of extended disruptions that could occur individually or in any combination.

  This effort typically involves:

  • Loss of access to a facility or portion of a facility such as when a building fire occurs.
  • Loss of services due to a reduction in workforce.  Incidents in which employees are victims or incidents that prohibits employees from reporting to the workplace (i.e. pandemic influenza).
  • Loss of services due to equipment or system failure:  telephone, electric power, or information technology system failures and also the ability to conduct financial transactions.

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