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EVMS gratefully acknowledges the support of all donors who gave $1,000 or more to Eastern Virginia Medical School Foundation during fiscal year 2014.


$1,000,000 and above

The Chidester Family


Batten Educational Achievement Fund of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation
Joshua P. Darden, Jr. Trust


Anonymous Donor
Capital Federation of Cosmopolitan International
Fannie and Milton Friedman Family Foundation
John and Kim Kirtley
Obici Healthcare Foundation


Breeden-Adams Foundation
Jospeh Collins Foundation
Minnie S. Fine Charitable A.L. Trust
Ferguson Enterprises, Inc., a Wolseley Company
Hampton Roads Community Foundation
Medtronic, Inc.


AAPI of Hampton Roads, Inc.
Percy A. Brill Trust
Benjamin R. Brown and Charles G. Brown Funds of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation
Chesapeake Bay Wine Classic Foundation
Mr. Joshua P. Darden, Jr.*
Philip O. Geib, MD
Liberty Tax Service
Paul C. Sawyer Charitable Lead Trust
Mr. Thomas Taylor
I.T. Walke Jr. Designated Fund of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation
Edwin S. Webster Foundation


AMA Foundation
Coach Ray Barlow “Believe in Yourself” Foundation
Aimee and Frank Batten, Jr. Foundation
In memory of Frank N. Bilisoly, Jr., MD by Harvey and Frances Lindsay
The Honorable Charles N. Brower
The Charles F. Burroughs Jr. 2003 Lead Trust
Mr. Charles F. Burroughs III
Mrs. Rita M. Consolvo
Cox Business
The Crystal Ball for a Cure, Inc.
The Dalis Foundation
The Joshua P. and Elizabeth D. Darden Foundation
Ms. Cynthia C. Earhart
Fain Family Fund of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation
Fine Family Fund of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation
Friends of Hampton Roads, Inc.
Gates Millennium Scholars Program
Ms. Mary Clark Janis
Newport News Shipbuilding, A Division of Huntington Ingalls
The Estate of W. John Norfleet, Jr.
Norfolk Southern Foundation
Ms. Ruby B. Nowell
Susan Pepper Taylor, MS '79
The Philippine Medical Association of Southeastern VA, Inc.
Portfolio Recovery Associates, Inc.
Sentara Healthcare
Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital Auxiliary, Inc.
Sture V. Sigfred, Jr., MD
Russie and Steve Snyder
Mrs. Joyce H. Strelitz
Towne Insurance
Waterbury Kitchen and Bath, LLC
Dr. Robert A. Woolfitt
Wynne Family Fund of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation


Agilex Technologies, Inc.
Amerigroup Charitable Foundation
Bowdoin College
Lilly and Bruce Bradley
C & M Industries, Inc.
Stephen R. Caplan Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Patrick W. Cherry
Chesapeake Regional Imaging Centers
Clark Medical Memorial Fund
Community Health Charities of Virginia
Elizabeth RIver Crossings OpCo, LLC
EVMS Class of 2013
Families of Autistic Children of Tidewater, Inc. (FACT)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Farrell
First Team Toyota
Nancy F. Fishback, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Garcia, Sr.
The Arnold P. Gold Foundation
Hansen Family Foundation
Hugh H. Hemsley, Jr., MD '82
Susn and Paul Hirschbiel
Richard V. Homan, MD
Gordon J. Iiams, MD ’82
Floyd E. Kellam, Jr. Family Fund of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation
Drs. Robert E. Kelly, Jr. and Cynthia S. Kelly
Eric and Susanne Larsen
Mr. and Mrs. Harry T. Lester
The Mansback Foundation
Suzanne and Vince Mastracco
Shannon M. McCole, MD
Mr. and Mrs. G. Gilmer Minor III
Bonnie and WIck Moorman
Nancy N. Nusbaum and V. H. Nusbaum, Jr. Donor Advised Fund 2 of the Hampton Roads COmmunity Foundation
Jeffrey F. Patton, MD ‘88 and Mary P. Patton
Peninsula Women’s Care, P.C.
Mrs. Robin D. Ray
Frank and Mary Roach Fund of The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia
George C. Sakakini, MD '76
Southern Auto Group
Sysco Food Services of Hampton Roads
Mark C. Totoritis, MD '81
Mabel Tyler Burroughs Fund of the Hampton Roads Community FOundation
Mr. Jacob Werner
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Wilbanks
The Winward Foundation
John C. Wright Foundation


American Heart Association, Inc.
Anonymous (2)
Mr. and Mrs. G. Robert Aston, Jr.
Atlantic Shores Cooperative Association
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Barry III
Beautiful Kids
Birdsong Peanuts
Mr. Brian Ford
Mrs. Ireita W. Cauthen
Tapen K. Chaudhuri, MD
Chesapeake Regional Medical Center
CAPT Susan L. Chittum, MC/USN, MD ‘83
Christopher J. Colombo, MD '02 and Rhonda E. Colombo, MD '02
Susan and Norman Colpitts
Richard M. Conran, Jr., MD, PhD, JD
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin G. Cottrell V
Joe and Janet Covington
Christopher H. Crowe, MD ’85
Juan K. Cunningham
Damuth Family Foundation
Mrs. Heyward R. Donigan
Ms. Helen E. Dragas and Mr. Lewis W. Webb
Ronald W. Flenner, MD '89
Chares P. FLetcher, DDS, DSC, FACD. and Juanita J. Fletcher*
Fluter PTDA Fund of the Suffolk Foundation
Mr. Leslie H. Friedman
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart D. Glasser
Randolph J. Gould, MD ’78 and Natalie Gould
Michael N. Ho, MD
Mrs. Sarah B. Huber
Dr. Lester S. Johnson and Dr. Eveleen M. Oleinik
James A. Kelly, MD ’76
Anna A. and William E. Kinsey Memorial Trust
Dr. and Mrs. Maurice Reed Knight, Jr.
The Knapp Fund
The Lincoln-Lane Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Malbon
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. McCabe, Sr.
McLean Mortgage Corporation
Richard and Maureen Olivieri Fund of the Hampton Roads COmmunity Foundation
Peninsula Community Foundation of Virginia, Inc.
PF & A Design
Patient First Corporation
Antonio Quidgley-Nevares, MD
Sam and Priscilla Roady
Robert C. Rowland, Jr., MD '77 and Mrs. Christine Rowland
Sedona Fund
Mrs. Gay W. Shulman
Anne and Conrad Shumadine
Slone Family Donor Advised Fund of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation
Molly K. Smith, MD '01, MS '97 and Rick Giannascoli
Roland C. Smith, Sr. and Jacqueline M. Smith
The Southern Association for Vascular Surgery
Grace Tazwell
Mrs. Carolyn A. Thomas
United Way of SOuth Hampton Roads
Wagner Macula & Retina Center
Steven L. Warsof, MD
Leonard J. and Nancy K. Weireter
Richard M. Whalen, MD '85
Wilbanks, Smith & Thomas Asset Management, LLC
Evelyn Rivers Wilbanks, PhD
Dr. Clyde W. WIlcox, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John O. Wynne, Jr.


Dr. Alfred Z. Abuhamad
Ms. Joanne Aldridge
D. Baker Ames Charitable Foundation
Anonymous (2)
Aplastic Anemia & MDS International Foundation, Inc.
David F. Archer, MD
David and Valerie Arias
Mr. Dan De Arman
Associated Distributors, Inc.
Kristin L. Atkins, MD ’99
Miriam Yvette Jones Atkins, MD '90
Atomic Plumbing
Automatic Controls of VA Inc.
Mark Babashanian
Rebecca K. Bailey, MD ’77 and John S. J. Burke, PhD
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Baisey
Charles Banks
Tamera C. Barnes, MD
Bay Properties
Lee and Margaret Baynor
Mr. and Mrs. Jack D. Beasley
Mr. Jeffrey F. Benson
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Bender
Eric B. Billig, MD ’00
Dr. and Mrs. Michael E. Bohan
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Bostdorff
Michael F. Boyle, MD ’88
Michael D. Bradley
Michael J. Bradley, MD ’05
Bruce S. Britton, MD ’90 and Maybelle Britton
Drs. L.D. and Charlene Britt
Tom and Betty Broyles
Mr. and Mrs. Rickard E. Burnell
Tom and Daisy Byrd
Ann Campbell-Stenberg, PhD
Richard A. Campana, MD ‘82
Jeniffer M. Campo, MD ‘98
Robert C. and Louise F. Canfield Donor Advised Fund of the Peninsula Community Foundation of Virginia, Inc.
Dawne M. Carroll, MD ’85
Jeffrey R. Catlin, MD
Michael A. Chames, MD
Checkered Flag Motor Car Co., Inc.
Chesapeake Bay Catering Co.
Children’s Specialty Group, PLLC
LTC Theodore J. Choma, MD ’92 and
Gina L. Choma
Megan M. Christopher and Johnathan Sheele, MD, MPH, MHS
Catherine M. Christenson, MD ’82 and Paul D. Christenson
Mr. James E. Church
Rebecca D. Cintron, MD ’89
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence B. Colen
Jay N. Collins, MD
Christopher J. Colombo, MD ’02 and Rhonda E. Colombo, MD ’02
Dr. and Mrs. C. Donald Combs
Mr. and Mrs. H.R. Compton
Ms. Susan Conner
Earl R. Crouch, Jr., MD
Dr. and Mrs. David L. Cull
Mr. and Mrs. George Darby
Mrs. Bess K. Decker
Delta Capital Management
Drs. Stephen and Lynn Deutsch
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Diamonstein
DIlls Architects
Allison K. Divers, MD ’98
Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Dunn
Weijia Z. Duvall, MD ’94 and Gilliam E. Duvall
Mr. Douglas D. Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Ellis, Jr.
Emergency Physicians of Tidewater
Benjamin P. Eng, MD ’77 and Bonnie A. Eng
EVMS MD Class of 2011
EVMS MD Class of 2012
Evan R. Farmer, MD and Antoinette F. Hood, MD
Lloyd J. Faul, Jr., MD, and Mrs. Scotty Buchanan
L.S. Febre Irrevocable Trust of the Tidewater Regional Cancer Network
Edward A. Fisher, MD ’84
Alan and Esther Fleder Foundation
Mr. Lawrence E. Fleder
The Honorable Paul D. Fraim
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Dr. John F. Frantz
Mr. and Mrs. Guy R. Friddell III
Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Gayle
Philip J. Gentlesk, MD
Mark A. Gibson, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Fred T. Given, Jr.
Karen Hyatt Gladden, MD '95 and Christopher T. Gladden
Martha and Richard Glasser
The Arnold P. Gold Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. R. Patrick Gomez
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Goodman, Jr.
Maruthi V. Gottimukkala, MBBS
Dr. and Mrs. Roy Gottlieb
Mark and Betty Greenspan Charitable Gift Fund
Louis and Mary Haddad
Ms. Janet H. Hamlin
Christine D. Hannaway, MD '98
Alan C. Harris, MD '81
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua S. Harris
Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
LifeNet Health
Shannon I. Heck, MD '01
Mr. John T. Henning
Mr. James A. Hixon
Clarence A. Holland, MD
THomas W. Hubbard, MD '76, JD, MPH and Christy Hamlin, DDS
Kevin Hughes
Insight Imaging LLC
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Izard II
The Honorable and Mrs. Marc Jacobson
Akhil and Nita Jain
Jeffrey A. Johnson, DHSc, MPA
Mr. Maurice Jones ans Ms. Lisa B. Smith
Mrs. Kristin H. Jones and Mr. Robert W. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Josephberg
Mrs. Linda Kaufman
Mr. and Mrs. Harold B. Kellam, Jr.
Julie A. Kerry, PhD
I. H. Kim MD '81
Man Hyong Kim, MD '82
Kitco Fiber Optics
Kevin J. Knoop, MD CAPT, USN '85 and Mary Jo Chandler, MPA '08, PA-C
Mr. and Mrs. Jay A. Kossman
The Estate of Arne Kristo
Mr. and Mrs. Keith LaFrance
Lake Taylor Transitional Care Hospital
Tinh C. Lam, MD '83
Joseph P. Lang, MD ’01 and Melissa W. Lang
Mr. Steven E. Lawson
Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey L. Layne, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Leaman
Dr. Mark D. Lee
Mrs. Katharine B. Lehman
Dr. and Mrs. Richard G. Lester
Mrs. penelope Barlow Lewis
Ms. Marina J. Liacouras
Dr. Edward L. and Mrs. Linda H. Lilly
Karen W. Link, MD ’94 and David G. Link
Rebecca M. Lipscomb, MD '02, MS '98
Jefferson F. Livermon, Jr., MD '83 and Cheryle R. Livermon
Timothy and Margaret MacGregor
Dr. and Mrs. Charles M. Mansbach II
Marcus L. Martin, Sr., MD ’76
Ramon A. Matawaran, MD ’85
Derek A. Mathis, MD '99
Carol F. McCammon, MPH '12, MD and Kurt A. McCammon, MD
Ms. Caroline W. McCartney
Ms. Connie L. McKenzie
Mrs. Arnold B. McKinnon
McKown Pressure Wash & Painting
J. McLaughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. McMahan
Medical Center Radiologists, Inc.
Judith and Randy Mercer
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Meredith, Jr.
Mr. W. B. Meredith II* and Mrs. Mary W. Meredith
David A. Michaels, MD ’03
Laura & Jerrold Miller Philanthropic Fund of the Tidewater Jewish Foundations, Inc.
Julius S. Miller, MD '88
Chief Andrew J. Mitchell III
Mrs. Shirley R. Mitchell
Mr. Harold R. Mobley
Melinda R. Mohr, MD '07
Monarch Bank
Mr. Patrick W. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Munford II
W. M. Jordan Company
Tobin S. Naidorf, MD '84 and Joan S. Naidorf, DO
Geoffrey A. Neiner, MD '06
Chan V. Nguyen, MD
Bruce D. Nicholson, MD '83 and Karen W. Nicholson
Rotary Club of Norfolk
Mr. Robert Nusbaum and Ms. Linda Laibstain
Sergio C. Oehninger, MD
Mrs. Lucy J. Oldfield
Otto Design and Marketing, Inc.
Palladium Registered Investment Advisors, LLC
Todd S. Palmerton, MD '85
Mt. Jack Peltz
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Pepe
Pepsi-Cola Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Allen E. Perrel
Vincent J. Perrotta, MD '89
John K. Plemmons, MD '01
Stacy and Brian Purcell
Drs. Holly Puritz and Stephen Wohlgemuth
Mrs. Mary Belle Quesenberry
Quickstone Software LLC
EVMS Radiology
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Rashkind
George Rector, Jr., MD '81
Ms. Ann D. Reed
Dr. Karen Remley and Dr. John Onufer
William J. RIchardson, MD '77 and Angela F. Richardson
Suresh K. Rijhwani, MBBS
RK Chevrolet
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Roberts
Edwin L. Robey, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis G. Rohrer
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Rosedale
Michael Rothkopf, MD '79
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. Rueger, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis F. Ryan
Larry and Natalie Saunders
Mr. Toy D. Savage, Jr.
Paul A. Sayegh, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight C. Schaubach
Schick Communications
Robert B. Scott, MD '79 and Susan A. Scott
Sentara Heart Hospital
Mayor and Mrs. William D. Sessoms, Jr.
Sarah C. Shaves, MD
Jean E. Shelton, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Gil Shemesh
Lisa Sinclair, Bob Sinclair and the Virginia and John L. Sinclair Foundation
Mrs. Madeline H. Sly
George B. Smallfield III, MD ’03 and Melissa C. Smallfield, MD ’03
Beaven and Marywalker Smith
Charles W. Smith III, MD ’85 and Sarah M. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Squires
Dr. and Mrs. Domingo C. Tan, MD
Mr. Richard B. Thurmond
Tidewater Fleet Supply
Dr. Carol Schreiner Toewe
Dr. Cyndi M. Torosky, MD '03 and Mr. Francesco Tommaso
Hien L. Tran, MD '97
Edward T. Trapani, MD ’00 and Martha B. Trapani
Triford Foundation
Lois TUrnbull
James D. Via, MD
Virginia Association of Student Financial Aid Administration
VIRTEXCO Corporation
VSA Resorts
W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Waldholtz
Warden Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel J. Webb, Jr.
Nancye C. and Howard M. Weisberg
Mrs. Linda L. Weiss
Wheeler Interests, Inc.
Jim and Krista White
M. Candace Whitehurst, MD '85
Watson W. WIse FOundation
Carl and Pat Wisoff Fund
Steven C. Wong, MD '03
Mr. and Mrs. F. Lewis Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Wren, Sr.
Mrs. Patricia E. Yeiser

*Donor passed away during the 2013 fiscal year.