The LCME appoints a survey team drawn from a pool of knowledgeable, experiences, medical school administrators, faculty, and members of the medical practice community. Most survey teams consist of five to six members. Survey team members come from a variety of backgrounds and whenever possible, include at least some members from medical schools with characteristics similar to those of the medical school being reviewed. Members of the LCME and surveyors conducting field evaluations serve as voluntary, peer evaluators.

About the visit 

The LCME Site visit is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 5 and Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2020.

Due to impacts of COVID-19 on travel and gatherings, LCME has revised their site visit process for the foreseeable future. The process for schools with full visits scheduled for October 2020 now involves one virtual visit and no in-person visit.

During the visit, the survey team meets with the medical school’s academic and administrative leaders, department chairs, clerkship directors, faculty, residents and students. Survey team members have been provided with resources to help them understand educational and student facilities on campus and at major teaching hospitals.