The Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) initiative fosters an environment where the medical school is engaging in a continuous and intentional process aimed at supporting educational program improvement contributing to positive outcomes during accreditation review, and meeting the LCME accreditation requirement, Element 1.1: Strategic Planning and Continuous Quality Improvement:

"A medical school engages in ongoing planning and continuous quality improvement processes that establish short and long-term programmatic goals, result in the achievement of measureable outcomes used to improve programmatic quality, and ensure effective monitoring of the medical education program’s compliance with accreditation standards."

Areas of monitoring that form the basis of CQI efforts include:

  • Identification of risk areas based on current LCME Standards and Elements
  • Ongoing citations of LCME Standards and Elements from previous accreditation visit
  • Institutional strategic planning objectives that impact the medical education program, services, or resources in such instances where they overlap or align with accreditation standards

Steering Committee

A key part of the initiative is the maintenance of a CQI Steering Committee (CQISC) charged with monitoring compliance with the LCME accreditation standards and element chosen by the committee through an informed and thoughtful process.

In an ongoing effort with the MD program and its learning environment, the CQISC supports the design of systematic processes and structures to collect and review data, advises on long and short-term goals and approaches, and disseminates outcomes as appropriate.

The CQISC also collaborates with leadership and administration, as well as appropriate topic and area-specific roles and units to identify action plans to achieve goals and address challenges, as evidenced by measureable outcomes.

Committee members

  • Molly O’Keefe, PhD - Director, Accreditation (Chair)
  • Julie Stoner, PhD, MPH - Associate Director, Accreditation – School of Medicine (Co-Chair)
  • Linda Archer, PhD - Vice Dean for Graduate Medical Education
  • Ronald Flenner, MD - Vice Dean for Academic Affairs – School of Medicine
  • Mekbib Gemeda - Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion
  • A. Brooke Hooper, MD - Associate Dean for Clinical Education – School of Medicine
  • Mily Kannarkat, MD - Associate Dean for Academic Affairs – School of Medicine
  • Julie Kerry, PhD - Chair of Medical Education Committee
  • Thomas Kimble, MD - Associate Dean for Admissions and Enrollment
  • Allison Knight, PhD - Associate Dean for Student Affairs
  • Julie Miller - Executive Assistant – Faculty Affairs and Professional Development
  • Elza Mylona, PhD, MBA - Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and Institutional Effectiveness
  • Stephen Richard - Director, Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Paul Weissburg, PhD - Associate Dean for Educational Assessment & Evaluation – School of Medicine