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Services & Equipment

Electron Microscopy:

  •  JEOL transmission electron microscope 1200 EX ll equipped with an 11 megapixel AMT digital camera, model XR111.
  •  Reichert Jung Ultracut E microtome

Fluorescence Microscopy:

  • Olympus BX50 upright microscope with an Olympus DP70 digital camera
  • Nikon inverted fluorescent microscope with a Spot RT Slider digital camera.

Confocal Microscopy:

  • Zeiss 510 laser scanning confocal microscope, with 3 lasers and the META system, which uses spectral signature analysis to separate signal from upto 8 fluorochromes with highly overlapping emission spectra.

In vivo Imaging:

  • IVIS 200 in vivo imaging system with fluorescence, bioluminescence, X-ray and visible light imaging capabilities (available through ComparativeMedicine).

Image Analysis:

  • Six computers at EVMS running Metamorph imaging software and one computer running IVIS image analysis software
  • Hewlett Packard inkjet 2200 color printer