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Molecular Core

Molecular Core Facility


The Molecular Core supports research and education at EVMS by housing technologically advanced equipment, such as an automated sequencer, real time PCR machine, Odyssey infrared scanner and a Gene Atlas Microarray System for analysis of DNA, RNA and protein.  A detailed listing of the instruments available in the Molecular Core can be accessed by clicking the Shared Resources link.

The Director provides one-on-one training sessions and personalized experimental services for a modest fee. The facility is also used as teaching space for laboratory courses offered by the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program.

Questions regarding the Molecular Core Facility, its fee structure, and the laboratory courses should be directed to the Facility Director, Dr. Julia A. Sharp. Email:


  • The DNA Sequencing service is provided for a nominal fee of $8 per sequence, with a $24 minimum charge.  DNA and primers should be supplied in the following concentrations with amounts needed per reaction in parentheses:
    • Plasmids, 75ng/µL (2 µL)
    • Genomic DNA, 150ng/µL (2 µL)
    • PCR products, 10ng/µL (5 µL)
    • Primers, 3.2pmol/µL (1 µL); please note the Tm
  • DNA and primers should be supplied separately and in excess volume.  Please note that any sample that is not provided in the appropriate concentration, as listed, will incur an additional $2 dilution fee for processing.
  • Results will be delivered via a *.ab1 data file. 

  • The Microarray service is provided using a Gene Atlas Microarray System.  We offer 3’ IVT and Whole Transcript Gene Arrays available from Affymetrix.  The fee is $450 per sample, with a 4-sample minimum.  This fee is based on the pricing for standard arrays and may change depending on the specific array required for your experiment.  Preliminary analysis of your microarray data using Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) is available for an additional cost of $75.


Dr. Sharp is available for consultation by appointment. Please email her at to arrange a meeting.

Classes & Training

Classes and Training sessions are scheduled at various times during the year.  Contact Dr. Sharp for more information.



If the Molecular Core Facility was utilized for generating data for publication, please acknowledge the facility within your manuscript, where appropriate.