EVMS Biorepository

The EVMS biorepository, located in Lewis Hall, collects, processes and stores biological specimens and associated data. The facilities include an environmentally controlled space that provides a low-temperature, low-humidity environment to maximize the life and cooling ability of the specimen freezers for storage of clinical tissues and fluids.


There is an adjoining room used for the storage of patient tissue blocks and an additional clean room for sample allocation and processing equipped with a sublimation sample freezer and barcode sample entry system. The resource has an on-site, full-time staff for specimen processing, inventory management and database management.


The Biorepository has over 85,000 human samples available including prostate, kidney, bladder, breast, skin and head & neck tissues, 30,000 PCa serum, 1,100 PCa EPS-Urine, 23,000 PCa biopsy blocks, 5,500 PCa prostatectomy blocks, 5,000 PCa frozen tissues.  The Biorepository is paralleled by a comprehensive clinical data repository. The Web based management system maintains the data in a secure SQL Server database and currently supports over 20 active study protocols.

For more information about the biorepository services, contact Mary Ann Clements at  (757) 446-7910.

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