Current Research Initiatives

Below is a list of our current clinical trials. For more information, please contact our Diabetes Research Hotline at 
(757) 446-7933
 or send us an email at

Investigator Initiated

  • Fatigue Study: National Institue of Aging funded study for development of a fatigue tool questionnaire.
  • Exercise Training Study: ADA funded research to investigate effects of different exercise regimen in type 2 diabetic neuropathy patients.
  • Bariatric Study: Industry funded research to study effects of bariatric procedures on nerve functions.
  • Nerve Function Study: Research study to understand the mechanism of diabetic neuropathy and topography of pain.
  • Painful Diabetic Neuropathy Study: Investigation of the effects of Lyrica on gait and balance.
  • Neuropathy Study: Research study to learn what causes diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

Clinical Trials


All clinical trials conducted at the Strelitz Diabetes Center are approved by the EVMS Institutional Review Board (IRB).