Strelitz Diabetes Research Initiatives

Our search for a cure

The Strelitz Diabetes Center scientific research team is aggressively pursuing diabetes research aimed at greater understanding of the factors that contribute to the disease and its complications. Uncovering and understanding diabetes’ underlying mechanisms allows for new therapies to be designed to combat the development of this disease. We are focused on finding and promoting solutions to diabetes’ myriad complications and turning the tide on diabetes by preventing, reversing and ultimately curing this disease.

In the laboratory, new discoveries produce new understanding; new understanding creates a need for further new discoveries. Each discovery is like an excavation – as one layer is revealed, it leads to digging deeper for other clues to the mysteries of factors essential to enlist therapeutic modalities. Everyday, our team of scientists are working tirelessly to bring us closer to a cure that will heal people’s lives.


In order to succeed in these goals, we have developed a cross-disciplinary approach to our diabetes research initiatives. We have developed close collaborative relationships with anatomists, neuropathologists, geriatricians, neurobiologists, podiatrists, exercise physiologists, physiologists, molecular biologists, immunologists and neurologists.