Division of Immune Deficiency Research Services

The comprehensive approach can include one or all of the following services offered by C3ID for those who qualify:

  • Expert primary medical care by a Board-Certified Infectious Disease physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant specializing in HIV care.
  • Specialty care referrals as needed to ophthalmologists, gastroenterologists, gynecologists, dermatologists, surgeons and psychologists with experience in HIV issues.
  • Client-sensitive social and medical case management.
  • Medical counseling and medication education.
  • Access to HIV medications, if eligible, through the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP).
  • Access to non-HIV medications at no charge for low income clients, if eligible.
  • Early access to new HIV medications at no charge through clinical research trials.
  • Linkages to nutritional assessment and counseling with an emphasis on proper diet and exercise.
  • Access to preventive and emergent dental care, if eligible.
  • Access to transportation to care appointments, if eligible.
  • Access to limited emergency financial assistance including housing assistance, if eligible.
  • Linkages to substance abuse counseling and treatment.
  • Linkages for HIV+ pregnant women to the EVMS TRAC clinic to assure safer and healthier childbirth.
  • Educational updates on advances in HIV treatment.