Contact Us

New clients may arrange for an appointment at any of the locations by contacting the individual listed below.

Main Clinic Site
Eastern Virginia Medical School
825 Fairfax Ave, Suite 545
Norfolk, VA (757) 446-8999


EVMS Specialty Clinic at Virginia Beach Health Department
4452 Corporation Lane
Virginia Beach, VA

Contact: Anna Bell-Cherry (757) 518-2700


EVMS Specialty Clinic at Portsmouth Health Department
1701 High Street
Portsmouth, VA

Contact: Laurie Richmond, RN
(757) 393-8585 Ext. 8593


Chesapeake Health Department
748 N. Battlefield Blvd.
Chesapeake, VA

Contact: Dot Stalnaker
(757)  398-8605


Eastern Shore Health District
Accomack, VA

Contact:Donisha Fleming
(757) 442-6228


Three Rivers Health District
Gloucester, VA

Contact: Richard Hall
(804) 462-5197


EVMS Specialty Clinic at Olde Towne Medical Center
5249 Olde Towne Road, Suite D
Williamsburg, VA

Contact: Williamsburg
AIDS Network
(757) 220-4606


Sentara Ambulatory Care Clinic
130 Colley Avenue
Norfolk, VA (757) 388-3881


EVMS Specialty Clinic at Norfolk Health Department
800 Southampton Avenue #200

Contact: Wilhelmina Woods (757) 683-2718 or (757) 683-2889