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  • Dr. David Darrow elected President of SENTAC

    David Darrow, MD, Professor of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, was elected President of the Society for Ear Nose and Throat Advances for Children (SENTAC).

  • A cure for the common cold? Don’t count on it.

    You cough, you sneeze. Your nose is runny, then it’s all stuffed up, then it starts to run again. It’s the common cold and despite what you might of heard, there isn’t a cure. After all, it’s called “common” because the cold is actually a group of very familiar symptoms — cough, sore throat and sneezing just to name a few — which are caused by more than 200 different viruses. So what’s a cold-sufferer to do?

  • Winter can be tricky for your skin

    Winter is here and while the season is full of fun and good times, it is often a tricky time of the year for one’s skin. For those with a tendency to have eczema it is even worse. In the winter months here in Hampton Roads the humidity falls.

  • EVMS researcher weighs in on misperceptions of smoking dangers

    Most study participants mistakenly believed that the harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke come primarily from the additives introduced by cigarette manufacturers rather than from the tobacco.

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