Family Medicine

Our team of physicians, residents and staff are here to care for your healthcare needs.  Our family physicians offer a wide range of services to our patients.  We take pride in building positive, supportive relationships with our patients and their families.  The specialty of family medicine is centered on a lasting, caring relationship with patients.  Our family physicians listen and help patients make the right health care decisions.  We know that patients want more than a medical diagnosis - they want the comprehensive, personal care that a family physician offers.

Tips for effective communication with your physician and healthcare provider

Understand that you are a key memeber of your healthcare team along with your doctor and other healthcare providers and should work together to make decisions about your care.

Be sure to ask questions if you have doubts or concerns.  Choose a health provider that you feel comfortable with to ask questions.  Take notes on what your doctor is recommending.

Keep and bring a list of all of your medications to your appointment.  This list should include all over-the-counter medications and nutritional supplements.  Inform your health provider and pharmacist of any allergies you have.

Understand the results of any labs, x-rays, or other tests before you leave your visit.

Make sure you understand what will happen if you need surgery.  Ask questions about what procedure will take place, who will manage your care, what you should expect during your hospital stay and during your recovery.


Family medicine is a specialty that develops long term relationships with our patients.  You will have continuity of care with the same group providing both inpatient and outpatient care.  Your health and well-being are our chief concern.


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