ASDS Sun Safe Soccer

Sun Safe Soccer


According to the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS), "Sunscreen is the best on-field defense against the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. In fact, studies have shown that sunscreen use reduces the risk of melanoma-related death by 50 percent. In order to be effective, sunscreen must be applied 15 minutes before vigorous activity."


To help reduce your child's life time risk of skin cancer follow these simple steps:

Before the Game:

Safety first – Sunscreen, then shinguards

  • Apply  a sunscreen with SPF 50+ and is water resistant for up to 80 minutes

  • Apply fifteen minutes before going outside

  • Reapply every two hours during heavy perspiration

After the Game:

  • Cool down – Follow the normal post-game routine.

  • Cool off – Seek shade and avoid sun exposure when possible. Put tents over bench areas and take half-time breaks and post game talks in the shade when possible.

  • Cover up – Sun-protective clothing – such as long sleeves and hats – protects the skin from the sun and keeps the body cool.



Norfolk United Strikers are committed to improving the lives of children in Norfolk through soccer and ensuring that every child in Norfolk can enjoy the full benefits of Soccer, Teamwork and Fitness here at home in our urban community of Norfolk.  


EVMS Dermatology is proud to support the ASDS Sun Safe Soccer program in conjunction with Norfolk United Soccer League.  


EVMS Dermatology is grateful for the generous financial donation from Monarch Bank.  Their donation enables us to provide   printed educational material for the coaches and players.  Sun Safe Soccer is one of many local child health initiatives   supported by Monarch Bank. 



For more information on skin cancer prevention please visit  


Or for more information on the program please follow the link to the ASDS Sun Safe Soccer page.