Preparing for Your Mohs Surgery

Pre-Operative Consultation: 

Your first appointment will be for a consultation, during which time Dr. Carroll will explain your treatment options and devise a treatment strategy that will help you to achieve excellent results.

Take pictures of the biopsy site: 

It is essential that you are able to positively identify the biopsy site on which surgery will be performed. If you cannot, please let us know ahead of time.

Morning of Procedure: 

We suggest that you eat your normal breakfast unless otherwise specified. Please bathe/shower and wash your hair to minimize your risk of a surgical site infection.


Continue all prescribed medication, including blood thinners, aspirin, Coumadin, Plavix or Vitamin E, and all blood pressure medications. 


Make arrangements for someone to drive you to and from the office the day of surgery.  One person may stay with you during the waiting period.  

Since we cannot predict the number of stages and extent of repair prior to the procedure, please expect to be here all day and plan accordingly. Wear comfortable clothing, bring reading material, lunch and electronic devices with ear phones.

Do not plan surgery around important events or plan to travel outside the area for two weeks after surgery.  Follow up appointment will be made one week after surgery.

If you are a patient with a biopsy-proven skin cancer or a growth of concern, call 757.446.5629 for an appointment.