After Mohs Surgery

If you have any problems at home after surgery, please call our office at 757-446-5629.  Verbal and written instructions for wound care will be given to you at the end of your procedure.  In case any post-operative issues arise, we ask that you do not travel outside the area for two weeks.

Will I experience any pain, bleeding or bruising?

There is always a risk of pain, bleeding or bruising.  We will review the ways to minimize these risks during your visit.

Will there be scar?

All surgeries result in scars.  Minimizing the appearance of scars is one of our priorities and one of the many reasons to treat skin cancers early with Mohs surgery.

When will I be able to return to work or able to drive?

Please plan to rest for two days.  Please minimize any exertion for two weeks.

Will I need to come back?

Most patients will need to return in one week for suture removal.  Depending on your needs, our team will follow your care until your wound has healed.


If you are a patient with a biopsy-proven skin cancer or a growth of concern, call 757.446.5629 for an appointment.