Surgical Oncology

Dr. Viennas and Dr. Feliberti consult with a patient

Board-certified surgeons Roger R. Perry, MD, and Eric C. Feliberti, MD, specialize in Surgical Oncology and practice optimal standards for the care of surgical patients with cancer. They work closely with each referring physician to communicate therapies, supportive care, rehabilitation and followup. The care rendered is patient-focused and specifically tailored to the individual patient. Our surgeons have expertise in the treatment of most solid tumors.

More than 4,500 women in Virginia are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. To meet their needs, the multidisciplinary Breast Center at Princess Anne offers evaluation and treatment of breast care for women.  The center is unique in our local area because a woman can come to the office and in one visit be evaluated, get a second opinion and be seen by all the specialists necessary to develop a treatment plan. The EVMS Breast Center is devoted to seeing breast cancer patients and offering all specialties necessary for treatment including oncology, radiation and reconstructive plastic surgery.

Dr. Feliberti is the Center's Director. He works closely with cosmetic plastic and reconstructive surgeon Lambros K. Viennas, MD, and radiation oncologist Joseph Baiden, MD, to ensure patients recieve specialized care tailored to their individual needs.