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EVMS faculty dominate Hampton Roads Super Doctors listing

Story Date: Thu, 08 Sep 2011 11:14:00 EDT

One hundred fifty physicians with ties to EVMS, including 28 EVMS Health Services providers, are listed as "Super Doctors" in the latest edition of Hampton Roads Magazine.

Of the 247 doctors selected for the Super Doctors honor, 150 have some affiliation with Eastern Virginia Medical School, serving as either full-time or volunteer community faculty. This means nearly two out of every three doctors on the list teach at EVMS.

The magazine tapped on the expertise of Key Professional Media Inc., a leading researcher and publisher of Super Doctors, to compile the list. They asked more than 20,000 Hampton Roads physicians to nominate who amongst their colleagues they would trust with their own medical care (excluding themselves). The resulting list was divided into 36 specialty categories ranging from allergy and immunology to urology. EVMS physicians were named in every category.

Here are the EVMS faculty in the Super Doctors listing (physicians with an asterisk are employed by EVMS Health Services):

Alfred Z. Abuhamad, MD* (Obstetrics and Gynecology)John C. Agola, MD (Radiology)Thomas A. Alberico, MD (Internal Medicine)Ramin Alimard, MD (Internal Medicine)Joseph A Aloi, MD* (Internal Medicine)Barbara H. Amaker, MD (Pathology and Anatomy)Peter B. Anderson, MD (Family Medicine)Sandra S. Baucom, MD (Pediatrics)Margaret Y. Baumgarten, MD* (Family Medicine)Anthony M. Bevilacqua, DO (Health Professions)Jerome S. Blackman, MD (Psychiatry)Silvina M. Bocca, MD* (Obstetrics and Gynecology)Kevin F. Bonner, MD (Surgery)Michael J. Bono, MD (Emergency Medicine)Marc K. Boustany, MD (Surgery)Joel S. Brenner, MD (Pediatrics)Michelle G. Brenner (Pediatrics)L. D. Britt, MD * (Surgery)Sarah B. Clarkson, MD (Internal Medicine)Gregg R. Clifford, MD (Internal Medicine)Mark L. Cockerill, MD (Radiology)Charles E. Cole, MD (Emergency Medicine)Lawrence B. Colen, MD (Surgery)Paul R. Conkling, MD (Internal Medicine)Jacqueline S. Cotton, MD (Pediatrics)Francis L. Counselman, MD (Emergency Medicine)Jon L. Crockford, MD (Obstetrics and Gynecology)David H. Darrow, DDS, MD* (Otolaryngology)Lance B. Davlin, MD (Orthopedics)Richard J. DeMasi, MD (Surgery)Craig S. Derkay, MD* (Otolaryngology)James G. Dixon, MD* (Internal Medicine)James E. Dowd, MD (Surgery)David M. Eich, MD (Internal Medicine)Michelle D. Eichelberger, MD (Pediatrics)Benjamin P. Eng, MD* (Family Medicine)Gregg R. Eure, MD (Urology)Michael D. Fabrizio, MD (Urology)Fredric Fink, MD (Pediatrics)Robert Fink, MD (Pediatrics)Nancy F. Fishback, MD* (Pathology and Anatomy)Ronald W. Flenner, MD* (Internal Medicine)Jonathan T. Fleenor, MD (Pediatrics)Frazier W. Frantz, MD (Surgery)Peter T. Galantich, MD (Otolaryngology)Marissa C. Galicia-Castillo, MD* (Internal Medicine)Robert G. Gayle, MD (Surgery)Steven L. Gershon, MD (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation)Randolph J. Gould, MD (Surgery)Thomas R. Grant Jr., MD* (Family Medicine)Susanne N. Grasso, MD (Radiology)Tad E. Grenga, MD (Surgery)John J. Griffin, MD (Internal Medicine)Eric O. Gyuricsko, MD (Pediatrics)Joseph K. Han, MD* (Otolaryngology)Lisbet M. Hanson, MD (Obstetrics and Gynecology)H. Courtenay Harrison Jr., MD (Internal Medicine)Laura R. Heiby, MD (Family Medicine)John M. Herre, MD (Internal Medicine)Angela D. Hogan, MD (Pediatrics)Douglas H. Howerton, MD (Internal Medicine)Thomas W. Hubbard, MD, JD (Surgery)Gilbert T. Hughes, MD (Obstetrics and Gynecology)Jonathan S. Jacobs, MD, DMD (Surgery)David A. Johnson, MD (Internal Medicine)Cami U. Jordan, MD (Pediatrics)Gerald H. Jordan, MD (Urology)John T. Kalafsky, MD (Otolaryngology)Daniel W. Karakla, MD* (Otolaryngology)Glenda S. Karp, MD (Pediatrics)Cynthia S. Kelly, MD (Pediatrics)Robert E. Kelly Jr., MD (Surgery)Jamil H. Khan, MD (Pediatrics)Paul A. King, MD* (Internal Medicine)Michelle E. Kingsbury, MD (Family Medicine)Thomas Klevan, MD (Internal Medicine)Scott Kruger, MD (Internal Medicine)David C. Kushner, MD (Radiology)Joel K. Lall-Trail, MD (Ophthalmology)Donald W. Lewis, MD (Pediatrics)Roger W. Lidman, MD (Internal Medicine)Jesus L. Lizarzaburu, MD (Family Medicine)Eric Lowe, MD (Pediatrics)Diane M. Maia, MD (Pathology and Anatomy)Thomas J. Manser, MD* (Internal Medicine)Kelly M. Maples, MD (Pediatrics)Bruno M. Maton, MD (Neurology)John Q. Mattern, II (Internal Medicine)Christine C. Matson, MD* (Family Medicine)Thomas R. McCune, MD (Internal Medicine)Hugh T. McPhee, MD, PhD (Pediatrics)Mitchell B. Miller, MD (Family Medicine)Thomas R. Montgomery, MD (Pediatrics)Jerry L. Nadler, MD * (Internal Medicine)Suhail Nasim, MBBS, PhD (Pathology and Anatomy)Joseph R. Newton Jr., MD (Surgery)Sergio C. Oehninger, MD* (Obstetrics and Gynecology)Hamid R. Okhravi, MD *(Internal Medicine)Edward C. Oldfield III, MD* (Internal Medicine)John R. Onufer, MD (Internal Medicine)F. Noel Parent III, MD (Surgery)John P. Parker, MD (Internal Medicine)David M. Pariser, MD (Dermatology)Mark Richard Polak, DO (Anesthesiology)Virginia K. Proud, MD (Pediatrics)Holly S. Puritz, MD (Ophthalmology)Reem H. Raafat, MD (Pediatrics)Robert C. Radin, MD (Internal Medicine)Patricia L. Raymond, MD (Internal Medicine)Annette W. Reda, MD (Ophthalmology)Sharon B. Reed, MD* (Internal Medicine)Scott A. Robertson, MD (Internal Medicine)Cynthia C. Romero, MD (Family Medicine)Meredith B. Rose, MD (Family Medicine)William G. Rudolph, MD (Surgery)Michael James Ryan, MD (Internal Medicine)Laura A. Sass, MD (Pediatrics)Marta Satin-Smith, MD (Pediatrics)John M. Sayles, MD (Surgery)Sanjay O. Shah, MBBS (Internal Medicine)Gary R. Siegel, MD (Internal Medicine)John T. Sinacori, MD* (Otolaryngology)Glenn C. Snyders, MD (Pediatrics)Marianne G. Springer, MD (Pediatrics)Robert C. Squatrito, MD (Obstetrics and Gynecology)Scott J. Stanley, MD (Pathology and Anatomy)Allan E. Stiner Jr., MD (Anesthesiology)Lynne W. Stockman, DO (Family Medicine)Gordon K. Stokes, MD (Surgery)Barry Strasnick, MD* (Otolaryngology)Victoria Strasnick, MD (Pediatrics)Deepak R. Talreja, MD (Internal Medicine)George K. Thompson, MD (Anesthesiology)Svinder S. Toor, MBBS (Pediatrics)V. Marc Tsou, MD (Pediatrics)Theodore W. Uroskie Jr., MD (Surgery)Michael S. Vance, MD (Internal Medicine)Aaron I. Vinik, MBChB, PhD * (Internal Medicine)Robert D. Vorona, MD* (Internal Medicine)Alan L. Wagner, MD (Ophthalmology)Steven L. Warsof, MD* (Obstetrics and Gynecology)Denton D. Weiss, MD (Surgery)Eric J. Werner, MD (Pediatrics)Judith V. Williams, MD (Pediatrics)Joseph F. Wilson, MD (Otolaryngology)Stephen D. Wohlgemuth, MD (Surgery)Hugh D. Wolcott, MD (Obstetrics and Gynecology)David W. Woods, MD (Family Medicine)Christopher J. Wrubel, MD (Pediatrics)Richard M. Zweifler, MD (Neurology)