What is Service Learning? 

Service Learning at EVMS is being there... with people, in their need.

It matches who we are, and honestly, we think it matches who you are, too.

It is making a difference now, even as students learn to make a sustained difference as a physician later. Through service learning, students learn to see their communities systematically, and they learn how to step into needs effectively.


It is integrating meaningful community service with structured learning experiences and reflection to enhance our student physicians overall learning.  It makes them better community-oriented physicians. It also strengthens foundational science knowledge, clinical skills, and problem-solving skills in the context of real-world experience.


Service Learning is being there


There are things that are only learned with real people in authentic contexts. Not only that, there are things that are best learned with others on mission.  Service Learning is a key part of our strategy to get you into these unique and valuable learning situations.


We are developing extraordinary community-oriented physicians and we see Service Learning as a key part of that development process.