Program Information

Our Preceptors play an integral role in the student's clinical experience. The preceptor guides and teaches the student in perfecting skills in history taking, physical examination, effective oral communication, developing diagnoses, assessment and plans. Schedules can be individually tailored for participation in more then one program. You may:

  • Alternate mentoring PA Students and M3 Medical Students throughout the year
  • Mentor a M1 or M2 Medical Student, while mentoring a PA Student or M3 Medical Student. The PA or M3 Student would be reassigned on the afternoons the M1 or M2 is scheduled.
  • Mentor a PA Student with a M3 or M4 Student to integrate a "team-approach" in your practice
  • Mentor for one program only

MD Programs:

  • Longitudinal Generalist Mentorship (LGM) - MD and DO preceptors in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine or Pediatrics needed to mentor M1 and M2 medical students six half-days per semester.
  • Clerkships - MD and DO preceptors needed to mentor M3 Medical Students for eight-week clinical rotations July - June in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, OB-GYN, and Psychiatry
  • M4 Electives - MD and DO preceptors needed to mentor M4 medicinal students for 2 - 4 week clinical rotations July - May
  • For more information on MD Mentoring Oppurtunities, please contact Lauren Mackey.

Health Professions Programs

  • Physician Assistant (PA) — MD, DO, PA-C and NP preceptors in Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, General Internal Medicine, OB-GYN/Women’s Health, Pediatrics, General Surgery and Specialty Medicine are needed to mentor PA students for six-week rotations May to May.

  • Surgical Assistant (SA) — Surgeons and SAs with a minimum requirement of two years of experience are needed to mentor SA students for six-week surgical clinical rotations May to May.  Rotations include general surgery and training in surgical specialty such as Orthopedics, Spine, Plastics, Cardiac, Vascular, Labor & Delivery and Neurological.

  • Master of Public Health Program (MPH) - MPH, MD, Epidemiologist/Researcher, PA-C, Department of Public Health Administrator, Hospital Administrator, are needed to mentor MPH Students for 200 hours during a practicum project in Health Management and Policy, Health Promotion, Epidemiology or Environmental Health. Students choose projects in the summer and conduct their research that following fall semester.

  • Art Therapy Internships (AT) - Art Therapy Internship placements and art therapists with ATR credentials are needed to educate GATCP students for 15 week child, adolescent, or adult clinical rotations August to December and January to May.  Internships include: assessment, individual, and group art therapy.  Specialties may include:  outpatient, in-home, residential, acute, school, and medical art therapy.