Incoming Student Information

Dear Incoming Master of Surgical Assisting Bridge Students:

Congratulations on your acceptance into the Bridge Program!  

This program will be delivered through an online format. Students are expected to complete the program in 12 months with continuous enrollment and successful completion of all courses. Since the program is online, there will not be in-person orientation. However, there are some online pre-matriculation requirements that you must complete which will serve as your orientation.

Please be on the look-out for an email from VZ (the application and course registration vendor) and be sure to complete all of the required pre-matriculation modules. This email will also include your EVMS email and login instructions to access the MyEVMS portal. The MyEVMS portal will allow you to access the BlackBoard system. All of the courses in the Bridge Program will be delivered through this platform. In advance of each course, you will receive an email indicating that the BlackBoard course site is open. The BlackBoard course site will include the course syllabus, lectures, assignments, and other information specific to each course.  

Be sure that you have reviewed the computer requirements posted on the program’s website as well as the other links about the program.

If you should have additional questions, please contact me directly by phone (757-446-6165) or email.

Congratulations again!

Director Crews