Master of Surgical Assisting, MSA Program

‌‌‌‌The Master of Surgical Assisting, MSA Program provides a unique opportunity for students with a four year degree or higher to enter the specialized medical profession of surgical assisting. This two year program consists of a 10-month didactic phase, with preclinical rotations exposure in the surgical environment. At the end of the ‌12-month clinical phase, students complete eight clinical rotations, serving in the role of a surgical assistant in at least 240 cases. With successful completion of the program, individuals earn a Master of Surgical Assisting, MSA degree and become certified in 22 months.‌

For a first-hand account of what it's like to be an EVMS MSA student, check out this Overview of our program by second year SA student Gillea David.







This website reflects current program information, including admissions criteria and curricula.  Information is subject to change.