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Course Sequence

RCS MS Course Sequence

Reproductive Clinical Science Master's Program Curriculum

(Previously Clinical Embryology & Andrology Master's Program)

Course Number

Course Name

Credit Hours

Semester One

RCS-700 Biochemsitry & Molecular Cell Biology 2
RCS-701 Introduction IVF, Laboratory Tech and Skills Development 3

Semester Two

RCS-702 Molecular Biology & Genetics 3
RCS-703 Female Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility 3
RCS-704 Current Topics in IVF - Journal Club 1

Semester Three

RCS-705 In Vitro Fertilization Technology 3
RCS-706 Gametes & Embryos 3
RCS-707 Research Methods Capstone Thesis: Project & Statistics 2

 Semester Four

RCS-708 Advanced IVF, Laboratory Tech and Skills Development 2
RCS-709 Research Methods Capstone Thesis: Project Proposal 1

Semester Five

RCS-710 Genetics of Reproduction & Infertility 3
RCS-711 Research Methods Capstone Thesis: Master's Project  1
RCS-712 Male Reproductive Function & Dysfunction 3

Semester Six

RCS-713 Research Methods Capstone Thesis: Scientific Writing 3
RCS-714 Cryropreservation 2
RCS-715 Ethics, Society & ART 1
RCS-717 Clinical Embryology Internship* 3



*Students in the No Experience Track are required to take internship courses.

Students are required to attend two 5-day to 7-day Residential Courses at the EVMS campus in Norfolk Virginia.  In the first year, it is in the third week in July.  In the second year, it is held during the third week in June.