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Course Sequence

Course Sequence

The PA Program is a full-time, cohort based educational program.  Students are expected to complete the designated professional curriculum in the sequence specified below. Each semester's course work is to be considered pre-requisite to the next semester. Students may not enter the program with advanced standing, regardless of educational or work experience, and no accelerated curriculum or course waivers are offered.

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Semester One (Jan – April)

Pre-Clinical | 16 Credits

MPA 5001      Pathophysiology for Health Professions 5 Credits
MPA 5061 Clinical Anatomy for Health Professions 5 Credits
MPA 5081 Introduction to the PA Profession and
the Business of Medicine
2 Credits
MPA 5341 Legal and Ethical Issues in Medicine 2 Credits
MPA 5142 Psychosocial Elements of Wellness 2 Credits

Semester 1 Total:          

16 Credits   


Semester Two (April – Aug)

Pre-Clinical | 17 Credits

MPA 5091      Clinical Assessment I 3 Credits
MPA 5112 Clinical Pharmacology I 3 Credits
MPA 5132 Clinical Skills and Therapeutics I 4 Credits
MPA 5314 Patient Counseling and Education  2 Credits
MPA 5162 Introduction to Clinical Medicine I      5 Credits

Semester 2 Total:          

17 Credits   

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Semester Three (Aug – Dec)

Pre-Clinical | 17 Credits

MPA 5192 Clinical Assessment II 3 Credits
MPA 5213      Clinical Pharmacology II 3 Credits
MPA 5234 Clinical Skills and Therapeutics II 4 Credits
MPA 5253 Introduction to Epidemiology and Evidence-Based Medicine  2 Credits
MPA 5263 Introduction to Clinical Medicine II 5 Credits

Semester 3 Total:          

17 Credits   

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Semester Four (Jan - April)

Pre-Clinical | 17 Credits

MPA 5284      Journal Review Seminar 2 Credits
MPA 5294 Clinical Assessment III 3 Credits
MPA 5304 Problem-Based Clinical Reasoning 4 Credits
MPA 5333 Fundamentals of Surgical Patient Care  3 Credits

MPA 5364

Introduction to Clinical Medicine III

5 Credits


Semester 4 Total:          

17 Credits   


Pre-Clinical Total:

67 Credits   

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Semesters Five, Six, & Seven (Clinical Year)*

Supervised Clinical Practice (SCP)

* Each semester is approximately four months in duration.  The sequence of clinical rotations is subject to change based on the number, specialty, and location of preceptor sites and will vary from student to student.

MPA 5465

Introduction to Clinical Practice (Weeks 11-15)
This seminar course provides an introduction to the clinical phase of the program. In lecture and lab sessions, students will examine documentation, billing and coding, use of technology in clinical practice, and have an opportunity to revisit suturing and clinical skills.

1 Credit
MPA 5705 SCP: Family Medicine (5 weeks) 3 Credits
MPA 5715 SCP: Pediatric Medicine (5 weeks) 3 Credits
MPA 5725 SCP: General Internal Medicine (5 weeks) 3 Credits
MPA 5735 SCP: Emergency Medicine (5 weeks) 3 Credits
MPA 5745 SCP: General Surgery (5 weeks) 3 Credits
MPA 5755 SCP: Women’s Health (5 weeks) 3 Credits
MPA 5785 SCP: Psychiatry and Behavioral Health (5 weeks) 3 Credits
MPA 5790 SCP: Elective I* 
This may consist of one 5-week elective in a chosen area of medicine.
3 Credits
MPA 5795 SCP: Elective II*
This may consist of one 5-week elective in a chosen area of medicine.  
3 Credits
MPA 5807  Service Learning Practicum 1 Credit
MPA 5837 PANCE Review - Seminar 1 Credit

Clinical Year Total:     

30 Credits   


Degree Total:

97 Credits

*Clinical Electives: Cardiology, Cardiothoracic Medicine, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology (Adult & Pediatric sites), Neonatology, Nephrology, Neurology (Adult & Pediatric sites), Orthopedics, Plastic Surgery, & Trauma Surgery.  

Additional electives can be pre-arranged with proper planning on the part of the student.

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