Medical Master's Student

in the Spotlight

April 2014


Rina Nguyen

24 - Los Angeles, CAMM Rina Nguyen


Why did you pick EVMS? 

The program at EVMS appealed to me with the opportunity to excel as a student and strengthen my medical school applications. The faculty and students were very supportive and responsive to all my needs, something that I feel is an important aspect in deciding which program to choose. I knew that taking a full load of actual medical school courses was the best way to assess my abilities to succeed in medical school. 

What is the best course you have taken? 

I have always been a research advocate and interested in organisms on the microbiology level. With this being said, Organ Systems Structure (Histology) had to be the best course I have taken this year.   The weekly lab sessions was a great opportunity to connect lecture material to actual observations under the microscope.  I learn best through visualization and this was a great course for that!

What has been your favorite volunteer activity while in the Program?

Being part of the Norfolk Emergency Shelter Team (NEST) has been my favorite volunteer activity in the program.  NEST is an annual event where students collaborate with the community to provide temporary shelter and food for homeless individuals. It gave my classmates and me a great opportunity to work as a team and reveal our culinary skills in the kitchen. The appreciation from individuals whom we were helping was heartwarming and motivated me to become more involved in the community.

What study habits have helped you the most?

With the heavy load of information every medical student has to absorb and regurgitate in a short amount of time, being organized is key. Creating charts and diagrams was one of the most beneficial study methods I have used this year. This allowed me to keep track of the important details and reorganize lecture materials in a way that was most comprehensive to me.

What are your goals for the future?

My goals for the future revolve around research and the academics setting.  I enjoy being in an enriched academic environment and hope to be able to contribute to science as well as collaborate with other individuals who share common goals.   I also hope to acquire the skills to participate in medical missions abroad as a physician. 

Wise words for incoming MM Students?

Finish your secondaries before the start of the program so that you will have time to enjoy meeting your future classmates during the first couple weeks. Stay motivated and make use of the resources available around you.  It may require a bit of adapting, but try to decipher a study plan that works for you and stick to it.  The greatest part of this program to me was how much my study habits have improved and my confidence to tackle medical school!