Medical Master's Student

in the Spotlight

May 2014


Eric Lehrer

28 - Staten Island, NY


Why did you pick EVMS?

For quite some time I have wanted to become a physician. Unfortunately, some errors that I had made in my early undergraduate studies needed to be addressed.  Therefore, a master’s program that would allow me to take medical school courses was something that I knew would allow me to address those shortcomings.  While researching many of these types of programs in the country, the Medical Master's Program at EVMS definitely stood out amongst the others.  I knew that I wanted to attend a program where students do not get lost in the crowd, but they have the opportunity to work with one another and to truly thrive in a nurturing and caring environment.  This was the main reason why I chose EVMS, and I am very glad that I did.

What is the best course you have taken?

I can definitely say that all of the courses we take during the program have been great learning experiences.  Each of the courses is well-taught and the faculty does an excellent job of keeping the material engaging and clinically relevant.  There are two courses which I enjoyed the most.  The first being Medical Physiology (Organ Systems Function) and the second being Medical Biochemistry (Integrated Metabolism and Nutrition).  Both of these courses really allow you to appreciate the integrative nature of the medical school curriculum.  Additionally, the material is very interesting.

What has been your favorite volunteer activity while in the Program?

During my time in the Medical Master's program, I had to opportunity to engage in multiple volunteer activities.  The one I enjoyed the most was NEST (Norfolk Emergency Shelter Team). A group of classmates went to a church in Norfolk and prepared a dinner for the individuals residing in their shelter that evening.  It was a very rewarding and enjoyable experience.  EVMS really gives its students many opportunities to engage in volunteer activities/community service.  In addition to serving others, it is great to get away from the books for a few hours and serves to remind oneself why you are here and what your goals are in the first place.

What study habits have helped you the most?

It took me quite some time to devise an efficient study strategy. However, I was eventually able to come up with something that worked well for me.  What I find most helpful is repetition of the material.  I would always try to go over each lecture multiple times on different occasions and then supplement that with practice questions to test my mastery of the material.  I would then use my performance on these questions as a gauge of my progress to guide my next pass through the material.

What moving tips would you give to incoming MM students?

I moved from a distance of about 350 miles away, which I did with a UHaul.  If you are coming from a similar distance, I highly advise shopping around for different rental trucks, as the prices can vary considerably between companies.  

Do you have any wise words for incoming Medical Master’s students?

This program is really a wonderful experience and you will be better off for having had the opportunity to be here.  The faculty and administrators are incredibly supportive, and they really do their best to get to know the students and give them all of the support that they need.  Be prepared to work hard, but know that this hard work will pay off. Take advantage of opportunities for self-assessment, which are ample at EVMS, and never be afraid to ask for help.