Medical Master's Student

in the Spotlight

April 2014




‌Cameron Brawley

22 – Virginia Beach, VA


Why did you pick EVMS?

I learned about the Medical Master’s program through a friend who had previously graduated from it. Being enrolled in mostly medical school classes with medical students really appealed to me. The program gives one the opportunity to show admissions boards that he/she is able to perform at or above the level of current medical students.

What is the best course you have taken?

Medical Neuroscience has been my favorite course. Having practically no exposure to neuroscience, I find the pathways and clinical correlations extremely interesting. The professors are very enthusiastic and love to talk about their experiences, whether it’s research or the humanitarian aspect of the field.

What has been your favorite volunteer activity while in the Program?

The B.E.A.C.H Buddies program matches students with pediatric oncology and hematology patients at the local children’s hospital. Students can visit their buddies whenever they’re in clinic, and the program also has scheduled events (ice skating, laser tag, etc.) for fun.

What moving tips would you give to incoming MM Students?

When searching for an apartment, don’t sacrifice comfort for slight reductions in the price to rent. Be sure your place has heating, a good internet connection for schoolwork, and factor in its distance from campus (and whether or not you’ll be driving).

What medical specialty do you have in mind?

As of now I’m leaning towards family medicine, but I’m keeping an open mind as I get more exposure to other specialties.

Do you have any wise words for incoming MM Students?

Staying current with the material means a lot of sacrifices to your normal routine; however, it’s important to keep up with at least one thing that makes you happy. Whether it be sports/exercise, volunteer work, or something else, it’s necessary to have that outlet for reducing stress.