Medical Master's Student

in the Spotlight

April 2014



Brock Hashim

23 - Bakersfield, CA



I was attracted to EVMS because they strive to build a community of students and faculty who have your best interest in mind, which creates an ideal environment for learning and excelling. Because of our similar ideals I could not imagine a better school to achieve the goals I have set forth for myself.

What is the best course you have taken?

Medical Physiology has absolutely been my favorite course. The class is separated into blocks examining different organ systems individually (cardiovascular, pulmonary, renal, etc.). The material taught in this class is clinically applicable and relevant pathologies are added to nearly every lecture. The human body is amazingly intricate and interconnected and every new piece of information I learn leaves me wanting more.

What has been your favorite volunteer activity while in the program?

The most memorable volunteering experience I’ve had this year has to be participating in Haunted Hallway. Every year for Halloween EVMS students provide a safe place to trick-or-treat for local children and their families by turning a large part of Lewis Hall into a haunted house/maze/game room. We all bought costumes and spent the majority of the night handing out candy and scaring the kids (not too much though!). Events like these provide a great way to take a break from studying and get involved with the local community.

What study habits have helped you most?

Medical school is challenging due to the volume of material presented to you on a daily basis, and honestly it can be overwhelming at first. Adapting is difficult for some, but EVMS provides plenty of resources to help students identify new learning styles. For me, I found a flashcard program called Anki that uses spaced repetition to help reinforce concepts. After finding what works for you it just comes down to putting in the hours studying!

What medical specialty do you have in mind?

I’m currently interested in Combined Internal Medicine and Pediatrics (Meds-Peds). This specialty qualifies you to care for newborns, geriatrics, and everywhere in between.

Wise words for incoming MM students...      

Enjoy your summer, and have all of your secondaries finished before school starts. This program (and being a Med Master in general) can be very stressful, but I’ve been fortunate enough to make a wonderful and supportive group of friends. Come here open minded and ready to meet people; don't try to make it through the year on your own!