Medical & Health Professions Education Master's Program Curriculum

This website reflects current program information, including admissions criteria and curricula.  Information is subject to change.


Course NumberCourse TitleCredit Hours
MHPE 500 Applied Learning Theories 3
MHPE 501 Instructional Methods 3
MHPE 502 Curriculum Development 3
MHPE 503 Assessment of Learning 3
MHPE 504 Leadership and Professionalism 3
MHPE 505 Research Methods 3
MHPE 506 Program Evaluation 3
MHPE 514 Simulation in Healthcare 3
MHPE 515 Clinical and Community-based Teaching 3
MHPE 516 Practicum 3
MHPE 517 Capstone 1
  Total 31


Graduate Medical Education (GME) Concentration

In place of MHPE 514 and 515, students selecting the GME concentration will take:

Course NumberCourse TitleCredit Hours
MHPE 512 Introduction to GME 3
MHPE 513 Advanced Principles in GME 3
  Total 6

Online Orientation

All incoming students will be required to complete a self-paced online MHPE orientation to Blackboard and other systems utilized by the MHPE program one month prior to classes starting.  

Course Schedule by Cohort

* Cohort is based on expected graduation year

MHPE 2018 Cohort Course Schedule

MHPE 2019 Cohort Course Schedule

MHPE 2020 Cohort Course Schedule