About the Laboratory Animal Science Program

The master’s program builds a solid foundation for a successful career in laboratory animal science. Its courses focus on all aspects of laboratory animal science and animal facility management. The practicum provides the student with the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge they have learned to the actual practice of laboratory animal science. The program can also improve the standing of those students who desire to advance their training in veterinary medicine for their application to veterinary school.

This program will train the scientists who plan, conduct and evaluate animal experiments and animal facilities by providing them with a high quality basic science, clinical, statistical and ethics education that enables graduates to design effective experiments, while minimizing the number of required animals and adverse effects.

Courses will draw upon EVMS’ broad, in-house expertise in laboratory animal science and will utilize the school’s state-of-the-art facilities. The program will be further enhanced by renowned guest lecturers, allowing participants to be taught both theory and technical skills by experts active at the forefront of this discipline.