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Judith E. Brown , MPH, FACP

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    • Dr. Brown is a native of Norfolk.  He attended the University of Richmond as an undergraduate and the University of Virginia for medical school.  He took a residency in Internal Medicine at Norfolk General Hospital and completed a Master of Public Health degree at Harvard University with a specialization in International Health and Nutrition.

      Dr. Brown’s career was concentrated for forty years in Africa.  There he worked both on the village level as well as on the national level of several African governments and the World Bank.  He has written extensively on major African health problems from primary village health care, hospital administration, epidemiology, childhood malnutrition, leprosy, river blindness and reproductive health.  Most recently he was on the forefront of the HIV/AIDS battle and he started one of the first comprehensive programs in Africa to confront this epidemic.

      On his return to the United States, Dr. Brown was appointed to the EVMS division of Infectious Diseases (Dept. of Internal Medicine) and to the visiting faculty of the Master of Public Health program.  Currently, he no longer practices clinical medicine, although he continues to lecture on Tropical Medicine and Global Health.