About the Contemporary Human Anatomy Program

The master's program in Contemporary Human Anatomy trains students in clinical gross anatomy, neuroanatomy, embryology, teaching, medical imaging, ultrasound, current techniques in specimen preparation and emerging technologies in medical simulation, such as 3-D printing and modeling. Because this program is designed with flexibility, it can be tailored to prepare students for a diverse array of job markets including education, medical laboratories, biotechnology companies, medical examiner offices and medical illustration. Additionally, since many of the courses are taken with either medical or health professional students, it serves as an ideal foundation for entry into our other graduate or professional programs. The program consists of 32 credit hours delivered over three semesters and culminates with a capstone research project.

Students enrolled in this program have access to the following:

  • Whole body dissection at a ratio of 2 students per anatomical donor (cadaver)
  • Ultrasound training in one of the country's fully integrated undergraduate medical curricula
  • Academic partnerships with BodyWorlds developed by Gunter von Hagens and potential externships with the Gubener Plastinarium in Germany
  • 3-D printing capabilities and a medical modeling laboratory for the production of medical skills trainers and phantoms
  • In house plastination and preservation laboratory for specimen production
  • Clinical Anatomy and Surgical Training Center for advanced surgical skills
  • Anatomage 3-D Imaging and Virtual Dissection Table
  • Integration into medical school and health professional school courses with the potential for exemption if accepted into those programs at EVMS
  • Video production studio for the development of education resources