Masters of Laboratory Animal Science - Projected Cost of Attendance



For distance or hybrid programs, your aid will be released on the 8th day of the term (or next business day).  All aid is released initially in as close to equal amounts as possible over the academic year to your student tuition account, subject to satisfactory academic progress.  

Your actual cost of attendance budget will be viewable when you log in to your EVMS Online Financial Aid System via your student portal.  The cost of attendance budget includes loan fees for based on in-state (IS) or out of state (OS) budgets.  A student's individual cost of attendance may be slightly different from what appears on this page based on approved adjustments.  Review your budget closely and only borrow what you truly need. 

As part of the Higher Education Act, as amended, regulations governing Cost of Attendance elements were established.  Federal regulation requires that all need determinations be based on a single student budget for a program.  If you demonstrate unusual expenses, see the guidelines and form to request a budget increase.  All requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis within federal regulations.

First year students will enroll in 18 credit hours over 3 terms. Second year students will enroll in 13 credit hours over 2 terms. 

**Fees for loans increase for loans first disbursed on or after October 1.  


                      MLAS 1                   MLAS 2
Budget Length   12 mos. 9 mos.
Tuition* In State   ($1,003/credit) $18,594 $13,429
  Out of State  ($1,164/credit) $20,952 $15,132
Fees* Mandatory  75 65
Subtotal Tuition & Fees In State (IS) $18,669 $13,494
 (Direct Costs) Out of State (OS) $21,027 $15,197
Other Allowances Books & Article Packet 2,425 650
  Living (Room, Board & Misc.) 13,554 10,166
  Personal Expenses 960 720
  Transportation 1,595 1,196
Cost of Attendance w/o Loan Fees In State $37,203 $26,226
Out of State $39,561 $27,929
Loan Fees ** Direct Unsubsidized - 1.068%  $219 $219
Grad PLUS – 4.272%  IS $714 $245
  Grad PLUS – 4.272% OS $814 $317
Total Cost of Attendance including Loan Fees In State $38,136 $26,690
Out of State $40,594 $28,465