EVMS Financial Aid & Scholarship Application

EVMS Financial Aid & Scholarship Application

Your online EVMS Financial Aid & Scholarship Application provides key information to us for the awarding process. For 2014-2015, we will be using the new online application via our EVMS Online Financial Aid System. 

Since your application is specific for your program, you will not be able to access until you receive log in credentials to the student portal from the Network Information Center. 

New students will receive log in credentials from the Network Information Center once they confirm or accept their offer of admission.  Once you have credentials from the system and we have created a financial aid record for you, you may follow the log in instructions to your EVMS Online Financial Aid System.  The link to that system is available on the right side of the screen of your student portal.  It is not available on the public site. You should follow the instructions on the log in screen to log in as a first time user.  We must have your Social Security Number in order to create your financial aid record.  You may fax that number to us, or you may complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  Once we receive your FAFSA results, your financial aid record will be set up.  

If you are not utilizing federal loans and wish to be considered for merit based aid, you may provide your Social Security Number to the Office of Financial Aid and your online system will be available once your financial aid record has been established.   

For detailed information on available scholarships, see Institutional Scholarships