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Course Sequence

RCS PhD Course Sequence

Reproductive Clinical Science: Embryology/Andrology PhD Program Curriculum

Course Number

Course Name

Credit Hours

Year One | Semester One | Fall

RCS-801 Advanced Statistics 3
RCS-802 Assisted Reproduction Evidence-Based Practice Journal Club 1
RCS-803 Comparative Anatomy and Physiology of Reproduction 3

Year One | Semester Two | Spring

RCS-804 Experimental Design 3
RCS-805 Advanced Topics IVF 1
RCS-806 Developmental Biology 3

Year One | Semester Three | Summer

RCS-807 Dissertation Research Proposal Development 3
RCS-808 Research Proposal Presentation 1

Year Two | Semester Four | Fall

RCS-809 Toxicology and Infertility 3
RCS-810 Research Literature Review 3
RCS-811 Advanced Topics Male Infertility Research Literature 1

Year Two | Semester Five | Spring

RCS-812 Clinical Laboratory Management 3
RCS-813 Study Design and IRB Research 3
RCS-814 ART and Genetics 1

Year Two | Semester Six | Summer

RCS-815 Data Collection Research Project 2
RCS-816 Research Project Presentation 1

Year Three | Semester Seven | Fall

RCS-817 Data Analysis Research Project 3
RCS-818 Dissertation Writing 3
RCS-819 The Business of IVF 1

Year Three | Semester Eight | Spring

RCS-820 Final Dissertation and Defense 7
Total 49


Clinical Embryology Program Course Descriptions