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Course Descriptions

RCS PhD Course Descriptions

RCS-801 Advanced Statistics

Advanced Statistics/explores the use of statistics in Basic and Clinical Science Research. Learn what types, when and how to use different analysis tools for qualitative, quantitate statistics and quality assurance calculations.  Particular attention will be focused on clinical and laboratory applications as well as basic science research. 

RCS-802 Assisted Reproduction Evidence-Based Practice Journal Club

Using the best evidence from the literature learn how to interpret and formulate best practices in IVF.   This course will utilize the principles of Evidence Based Medical Practice and adapt them to the clinical IVF environment.

RCS-803 Comparative Anatomy and Physiology of Reproduction

Knowing which type of animal model and how they may be used in research is an essential component of interpreting and applying study outcomes to humans.  This course will illustrate the uses and limitations of these animal models in the study of human reproduction. 

RCS-804 Experimental Design

Essential skills for a researcher are how to design a study and how to apply advanced experimental modeling techniques. These are both combined here leading to best practices development in experimental design. 

RCS-805 Advanced Topics IVF

Using the literature students will present current topic areas in IVF, laboratory, and clinical research.  How to conduct research in this area will also be covered in this course.

RCS-806 Developmental Biology

The origin and development of form and patterns in organisms. Recent investigations and recent research methodology on the processes of growth and differentiation are stressed.

RCS-807 Dissertation Research Proposal Development

This course gives students an opportunity to structure their research projects and write a proposal for their dissertation.   

RCS-808 Research Proposal Presentation

The dissertation proposal will be presented for approval by the department faculty and students in a live online seminar.  This gives the students an opportunity to dialog with faculty mentor and dissertation committee about the project.

RCS-809 Toxicology and Infertility

Environmental factors influence fertility during development, gametogenesis, fertilization and embryogenesis.  This course explores the current technology, theories and research surrounding toxins and fertility.

RCS-810 Research Literature Review

During this course students learn the best techniques for reviewing the literature, summarizing previous data and writing a review of a topic area.  Students will produce their own topic literature review by the end of this course.

RCS-811 Advanced Topics Male Infertility Research Literature

Using the literature students will present current topic areas in Male Infertility, treatment, and research.  How to conduct research in this area will also be covered in this course.

RCS-812 Clinical Laboratory Management

All aspects of the management of a clinical lab will be presented in this course.  Students will develop new protocols, write risk management reports, develop QC guidelines, as well as design and justify the design of an IVF facility as a portfolio project.  

RCS-813 Study Design and IRB Research

The project study design will be developed in this course along with the appropriate IRB application if necessary.  IRB approval will be sought during this course.

RCS-814 ART and Genetics

Using the literature students will present current topics in ART and Genetics.  How to conduct research in this area will also be covered in this course.

RCS-815 Data Collection Research Project

During this course data collection will take place, students will be given instructions and will developed an institution-wide policy on best practices in data collection as part of their portfolio.  They will collect their own data and prepare it for analysis.    

RCS-816 Research Project Presentation

Students will give a seminar about the dissertation progress for all of the faculty and students.  Each student is required to participate in all presentations.

RCS-817 Data Analysis Research Project

This course will provide the student an opportunity to apply basic analysis principles to their own data, their approach and final analysis will be supervised by their adviser and faculty statistician.

RCS-818 Dissertation Writing

Writing instruction will be given to the students and benchmarks will be checked by the writing tutor and the adviser.  Students will  rely on peer critiques from each other for guidance as well to help refine their work.  

RCS-819 The Business of IVF

Management of the IVF facility from the business perspective is the main goal of this course.  Students will construct an analysis of a laboratory business plan and propose phased changes to make improvements. 

RCS-820 Final Dissertation and Defense

During this part of the program students will work with advisers and committee members to finalize the dissertation and defend the project to the entire faculty and classmates.