About the PhD in Reproductive Clinical Science: Embryology/Andrology

Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS), through its prestigious Howard and Georgeanna Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine, is a pioneer in assisted reproductive technology (ART). In 1981, the first in vitro fertilization baby in the USA was born through the efforts of the Jones Institute.  The Jones Institute is widely acknowledged to be an international leader in clinical and scientific research in ART, and has trained many prominent physicians and scientists.  In 2003 the faculty of the Jones Institute and EVMS launched the online MS in Clinical Embryology and Andrology to meet the training and career development needs of laboratory professionals working in IVF.  During the last 13 year, more than 200 students have successfully completed this MS program.  A new need has emerged for advanced training that will position graduates to be leaders, lab directors and researchers in the field of clinical IVF, the PhD in Reproductive Clinical Science: Embryology and Andrology will provide this advanced training.  

Today’s Reproductive Clinical Lab Directors require the following skills and must be able to:

  • Manage all aspects of the reproductive laboratory operations.
  • Interpret the current literature as well as state and federal regulations and develop and implement new laboratory processes to ensure best clinical lab practices, outcomes and compliance.
  • Maintain protocol records and data for practice performance quality control and continuous quality improvement as well as for laboratory inspection and accreditation with state and federal regulatory agencies.
  • Design and carry out laboratory research and practice improvement projects.
  • Provide education and training procedures for clinical staff, physicians and laboratory technicians regarding current methods of assisted reproductive technologies and safety issues. 
  • Participate in ethical and legal discussions within the clinic and contribute to the development of appropriate consent forms.