Course Sequence

The first year at EVMS is designed to introduce students early to the art of medicine by including the patient and the community as organizing themes. Students participate in the practices of community generalist physicians approximately two half-days each month during 18 months of the first two years.

The learning plan for this experience is integrated with the Introduction to the Patient course, and includes:

  • medical interviewing and communication skills
  • physical diagnosis
  • health behaviors
  • personal and professional development

On Becoming a Doctor further introduces students to the profession, with a curriculum of biomedical ethics and professionalism. Promotion of health and well-being is a longitudinal theme. The development of clinical skills is nurtured and documented through small groups and the use of standardized patients and physical teaching associates.

Medical molecular biology introduces students to a common language of basic sciences, while anatomy, biochemistry, histology, physiology and human development provide students with a firm foundation in the normal structure and function of the human. Students are encouraged to participate in research projects, assist in providing medical care in free clinics or rural and underserved areas, or participate in other education programs during the summer recess between the first and second years.