Biomedical Sciences, PhD Course Sequence

First-Year Core Curriculum

  • Fall Semester: Molecules to Cells, Molecular and Cellular Techniques, Introduction to the Laboratory, Cell Communication and Signaling, Molecular Genetics, Lab Rotation 1, Introduction to Research Literature
  • Spring Semester: Cell Energetics and Organ Function, Methods in Cell Energetics and Organ Function, Biometry, Lab Rotation 2, Lab Rotation 3, Oral Communication Forum, Bioinformatics, Scientific Writing and Research Design
  • Summer Session: Research

‌‌Second Year

  • Fall Semester: Concepts in Research Design, Biostatistics for Biomedical Sciences, Oral Communication Forum, Inflammation, Cancer, and Metabolism (or research-related elective), Research
  • Spring Semester:  Introduction to Drug Discovery; Oral Communication Forum; Responsible Conduct in Science, Research
  • Summer Session: Research

Third and Subsequent Years

This part of the curriculum consists of original dissertation research, writing of the dissertation, and the oral defense of the dissertation.

  • Fall Semesters: Research, Oral Communication Forum
  • Spring Semesters: Oral Communication Forum, Research
  • Summer Semesters: Research

Advanced Electives

This listing is a sample of advanced electives that may be chosen. Additional electives are developed based on the interests of students.

  • Advanced Molecular and Cellular Techniques
  • Cardiovascular and Metabolic Function and Dysfunction
  • Concepts in Research Design
  • Endocrine and Reproductive Physiology
  • Genomics and Microarray Technology
  • Human Anatomy
  • Medical Histology
  • Medical Microbiology
  • Medical Neuroscience
  • Molecular and Cellular Immunology
  • Proteomics
  • Synaptic Function and Molecular Biology