About the Biomedical Sciences, PhD Program

Biomedical Sciences, PhD Students Students enrolled in the Biomedical Sciences, PhD Program initially complete a 1.5 year core curriculum, providing a foundation in molecular and cell biology, biochemistry and research techniques. Formal laboratory training in techniques and instrumentation commonly used in research prepares students for a series of rotations in research laboratories. The student then chooses an advisor and develops a research project, focusing on specific scientific disciplines in the biomedical sciences. The student's research is complemented by advanced electives. Identification of an advisor prior to admission is not necessary.

Using cutting-edge technologies, our graduates are prepared to bridge the gap between discovery in the biomedical sciences and application to the art of medicine. They have gone on to careers in academia, industry and government, where their interdisciplinary background has provided a unique perspective.

Eastern Virginia Medical School is a growing biomedical research institution in southeastern Virginia and part of the area's largest medical center complex. EVMS has a number of research institutes and clinical programs that interface with the basic science departments. The integration of clinical and basic sciences is an important component of both research programs and the biomedical sciences graduate program.

About forty EVMS faculty members from the departments of Microbiology and Molecular Cell Biology, Physiological Sciences, Pathology and Anatomy, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, and Radiation Oncology participate in this program. Applicants may contact the Program Director.