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ODU/BSHS Curriculum

ODU/BSHS Curriculum

Together with the appropriate prerequisites, the graduate may earn a Bachelor of Science in Health Science degree that is awarded by Old Dominion University.

Old Dominion University Undergraduate Curriculum

I. General Education Skills Area Course
Composition I ENGL 110C Composition I
Composition II
(Select one course)
ENGL 211C Composition II or
ENGL 221C Writing in the Social Sciences
ENGL 231C Technical & Scientific Writing
Mathematics MATH 102M College Algebra or higher
(Dept. required)
Human Creativity (Select one Fine Art course) ARTH 121A Intro to Visual Arts
ARTS 122A Visual Communication
MUSC 264A Music/History/Culture
DANC 185A Dance + Audience
THEA 241A The Theater Experience
COMM 270A/THEA 270A Film Appreciation
Interpreting the Past
(Select one History course)
HIST 100H World
HIST 101H Asia
HIST 102H Europe
HIST 193H Latin Am
HIST 104H U.S.
HIST 105H Africa
(Select one course)
ENGL 112L Enjoying Literature
ENGL 114L American Literature
FLET 100L World Literature
(Select one course)
Ethics "E" class preferred
(See UD GER below)
PHIL 230E Intro to Ethics
PHIL 345E Bioethics (PREFERRED)
PHIL 441E Foundations of Ethics
PHIL 442E Studies in Applied Ethics
Any PHIL "P" course
Human Behavior
(Select one "S" crs from catalog)
_____PSY 201_____S
The Nature of Science
(Select any two "N" crs)
BIOL 115N and 116N preferred
OR any two "N" courses
Information Literacy
(Choose one)
HLTH 120G Info Literacy for Health Prof''ls
OR IT 150G for Bus+SocSci, CS 120G for anyone, CS 121G for Scientists
The Impact of Technology
(See UD GER below)
HIST 304T Hist of Med/Disease + Hlth Tech
Other "T" courses accepted
Oral Comm Skills COMM 101R, 103R, OR 112R
Public Speaking, Voice + Diction or Interpersonal Communications
Foreign Language
in High School _____
Associate Degree ____
_____ 101F**
_____ 102F**
**Students may complete the Foreign Language 101F/102F requirement by earning 3 high school credits in one foreign language or 4 high school credits in two foreign languages.
  37 - 48 credits total
II. UPPER DIVISION GENERAL EDUCATION COURSES Any minor, or 2nd Major, or 2nd Degree or any two 300-400 level courses from outside of and not required by the student's major and college
Course could be met w/ UD PHIL "E" and UD Technology "T" courses above  
  PHIL 245E Bioethics (preferred) OR _____
  HIST 304T Medicine, Disease, and Telehealth Care
  OR Comm 327T, CS 300T, ENGL 307T, GEOG 306T, HIST 300T, 389T, HIST/SCI 386T, IT 306T, MUSC 335T, PHIL 383T, POLS 350T, STEM 110T, 370T, WMST 390T
(Be sure you have the prereqs for these) (Select Associate Degrees may satisfy the "T" REQ)
  BIOL 250 Anatomy + Physiology REQUIRED
  Additional Math or Science
(BIOL 103 suggested)
  Adidtional Math or Science
(STAT 130M suggested)
  Electives (Additional credits to toal 120)
REQUIRED CHP 450 Public + Community Health Administration (oral)
Choose ONE writing intensive course CHP 415W Critical Issues in Health Care
CHP 430W Community Health Resources
MEDT 403W Management in a Clinical Setting
And one other core course
(both are offered fall only)
NMED 300 Medical Terminology (preferred)
DNTH 415 Research Methods for Health Professionals (prereq STAT 130M)
V. OPHTHALMIC TECHNOLOGY PROGRAM COURSES OPHS courses - 60 credits total (refer to OPHS link)

Certificate Program Only
For those students wishing to pursue only the certificate in Ophthalmic Technology, the same OPHS courses are required as the ODU/BSHS program. All OPHS classes are clinical requirements of EVMS. For a list of OPHS courses and class descriptions, please refer to OPHS course link.

As a condition of graduation, students are required to sit for the national board certification exams given by the Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology (JCAHPO).