Resident Scholarly Activities

In keeping with the Pediatric RRC requirements, each resident is required to complete a Scholarly Project during their training.

Options for a Scholarly project

  • basic and clinical research ideas

  • clinical case reports

  • global health projects

  • community health projects

  • other projects acceptable to the faculty.

Dr. Cynthia Kelly, Associate Program Director for Research, oversees the scholarly projects and the research curriculum.

Elective months to work on and complete scholarly projects are available and planned in advance with the Program Director. There are two dedicated faculty advisors for each PL training year to lend research support, help develop ideas, and to ensure continued progress. Residents are encouraged to seek out the faculty mentors of their choice in the area of their project interest. A wide range of project opportunities are available. Residents are encouraged to submit their projects to regional and national organizations for presentations as well as for publication.

Please consult the Resident Research Handbook for further assistance in designing, writing, and presenting research protocols.