Pediatric Residency Curriculum

residents conference room table

While training at CHKD, your medical education will be augmented through a variety of didactic and case-oriented presentations as well as opportunities for research and quality-improvement projects. From hands-on workshops to interactive lectures, our clinical instructors utilize daily, weekly, and monthly activities plus a wide range of teaching tools to optimize learning for all residents.

Daily Activities

Morning and Noon Conferences

  • blend of didactic presentations and interactive case discussions
  • facilitated by attendings, chief residents, ward teams and guest lecturers renowned in their fields
  • tailored using American Board of Pediatrics content specifications
  • includes live patient and family interviews 
  • FREE catered meals provided 

Weekly Activities

Intern Morning Report

  • focused on the specific learning needs of our interns
  • driven by feedback from interns on which topics are pertinent
  • includes discussions with the Department Chair, Program Leadership, Chief Residents and guest lecturers
  • FREE catered breakfast provided

Senior Board Review Series

  • PL2, PL3 and attending faculty review board-style questions, test-taking strategies and key learning points
  • parallels PREP board curriculum
  • FREE catered breakfast provided
  • Our three year first time board pass rate average is 86% with a pass-rate of 91% in 2014 

Pediatric Grand Rounds

  • hospital-wide Thursday-morning conference
  • guest lecturers from around the world, including some of our in-house experts, present the latest in their fields
  • well attended by community practitioners, hospital staff, residents and medical students
  • FREE catered breakfast provided

Monthly Activities

Beyond Discharge

  • an opportunity for Hospitalist ward team members to discuss their follow-up patient phone calls
  • a time to reflect on patient outcomes and collaborate on ways to improve delivery of care

Quality Improvement Series

  • designed to assist in completing the ACGME QI project requirement
  • acquaints residents with industry recognized quality improvement methods and tools (six sigma, LEAN, etc)
  • offers collaborative sessions to design and implement resident-driven QI projects 

Scholarly Activity Series 

  • equips residents with tools needed to participate and succeed in the scholarly pursuit of their choice.
  • provides a platform to share the expertise of our foremost faculty researchers and to teach the “How To’s” of clinical research
  • example topics: designing a study, choosing the right mentor, quality literature reviews


Code and Skills Workshops

  • small group setting to review PALS guidelines, code management and effective communication 
  • facilitated by Critical Care Attendings and other Emergency Department Faculty
  • employ high-fidelity simulation mannequins to prepare our residents to act proficiently and confidently during actual code situations
  • collaborative effort with EVMS Center for Medical Simulation and multiple hospital disciplines (nursing, pharmacy, respiratory therapy, chaplains, security)
  • example skills: IO placement, intubation, line placement, code carts and medication administration

Journal Club

  • residents generate clinically based questions stemming from a professional journal article of their choice
  • residents work one-on-one with faculty mentors to glean practical insights and answers
  • an opportunity to develop professional presentation skills
  • FREE catered meal provided

Morbidity and Mortality Conference (Bimonthly)

  • an opportunity to reflect on cases that result in morbidity or mortality
  • focused on improving delivery of care and patient outcomes which have prompted significant systems-based changes to our hospital
  • attended by CHKD patient care faculty and staff
  • FREE catered meal provided